PISAX is co-financed by a European Commission funding program (CEF). The access to the platform is free of charge and available for:

  • European Internet eXchange points (IX)
  • Global Roaming eXchanges (GRX)

CIRCL Luxembourg (jointly with POST Luxembourg and LU-CIX) will manage the platform, the following email address pisax[at]lu-cix[dot]lu has been created in order to request credentials creation. If you are member of the IX and GRXcommunity, the procedure to follow in order have access to the platform is as simple as sending an email to pisax[at]lu-cix[dot]lu and requesting credential creation. You can also use this email address if you have any question about the project. You can also self-register on the MISP platform to get access to the PISAX threat sharing platform.