The main objective of the project is Cybersecurity information sharing between Internet Exchanges and Global Roaming eXchanges, and the PISAX platform will be used as a sharing repository. Each IXP or GRX is completely free to contribute with whatever information he wants to share.LU-CIX will start sharing (with the help of CIRCL the National Luxembourgish Computer Emergency Response Team) the following information:

  • Vulnerabilities on IXP/GRX assets (Switches, Routers, …)
  • Vulnerabilities on IXP/GRX software (Bird, OpenBGP, …)
  • Vulnerabilities on IXP/GRX network protocols (VxLAN, EVPN, BGP, …)
  • Information on Malware that could be used to attack IXP management infrastructure (Remote Access Trojans)

This is only a beginning and we would appreciate to have other Internet Exchanges and Global Roaming eXchanges contribution regarding interesting security topics that could be shared in the future on the platform.